How Long Should A Letter Of Recommendation Be? Find Out Here.

What is a letter of recommendation?

Letter of Recommendation is a letter that describes the reason why you should be hired or given the opportunity to study at the university. What makes you different from others. It is usually written by your teachers if you need it for your university or by your senior or a colleague who you work with and need it for a job interview.

Why do you need a letter of recommendation?

You need a letter of recommendation as proof that whatever you have mentioned in your interview or letter of motivation is legitimate. Also, to show your work ethic and your behaviour in the environment in which your teacher or senior was there with you and observed your actions on solving those tasks.

Why are they important?

They need to be presented to your university or job interview to further solidify your chances of achieving university admission or a new job in the future.

How long should the letter of recommendation be?

It should be no more than two paragraphs. Be very direct while describing your students or colleague’s strengths in the field. And do not forget to mention your contact details like email or phone number as well.

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