How Long Is A life Sentence? Find Out it Here.

In most of the countries in the world a life sentence is an imprisonment till end of the offender’s life. A convict may get a parole depending onu the laws of the country or the laws of a particular state. An offender will be sentenced to life for committing the heinous crimes like murder, rape and armed robbery and is required to remain in prison for all their life or until parole.

In most of the states in the United States, a life sentence means a person convicted has to stay in prison for at least 15 years for a chance of parole. It is no wonder to see a convict of life sentence out after just 15 years. This disparity is due to various life sentences.

Simply we can say there is a life sentence without a possibility of ever stepping out of prison. There is life sentence with a possibility of parole after some years. It could be after 15, 20, or 25 years depending on the state of jurisdiction. There is also a life sentence with multiple life osentences to be served consecutively meaning chances of getting out of prison alive is nil unless in rare occasions, given a clemency by the state governor or by the president.

It can be very confusing to have a man sentenced to life free 15 years later. That happens when the board gives parole and the prisoner is released into the world temporarily or permanently on the account of good behavior.

In the UK life sentence go with a chance of parole after 15 years depending on the boards decision.

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