How Long Does A Juul Pod Last? Find Out Here.

A juul pod’s lasting period tends to vary depending on the experience of the user and the number of times the user smokes.

A person that just started vaping tends to last a month as they get used to the feeling. An average user may also smoke less, because they are aware of their limits and a heavy smoker may go through it in a day. However, it is estimated that a single juul pod holds around 200 puffs.
It should be noted that juul pods come in a pack of four.

Moreover, juul pod manufacturers tend to have varying levels of products that depend on flavor and nicotine percentage that are either at 5% or 3%. Another factor that should be taken into consideration is price. The more money a user has, the more likely they are to buy juul pods and this affects their consumption rate.

However, this does not completely disregard the other factors such as user experience and product type.
All in all, it comes down to a user and their average consumption. Different users have different consumption rates and this affects how long a juul pod will last.

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