How Long Do Laptops Last? Find Out Here.

How long do laptops last.

Generally speaking the average laptop life is between 3 years and 10 years. That period is the peak of many laptops performance. Having said that your laptop will last will depend on the following factors.

  1. Make

The fact that some laptops from some manufacture will last longer than others is not an open secret. Hardware do you have inside the laptop will have an impact in its life.

  • Use

The kind of job the laptop is subjected to will determine its life. The less the laptop is used the more it will stay in form and the more it is in use the shorter its lifespan will be.

  • Care

Care is an important aspect that may determine the longevity of a laptop.  

Another factor that will determine how long the laptop will last is the grade of which it is made to target.

  1. Consumer Grade Laptops

This kind of laptops will last approximately 4 years.

  • Business-Grade Laptops

Business grade laptops are made to last at least up to 10 years.

Laptops for personal use will not be made with better components like the business type, so also the prices will neither be same. Laptops made with business in mind tend to be a workhorse in power and its sturdiness. Business laptops are compact and of high best materials and components.  Consumer grade laptops are less powerful and of lower prices.

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