How Does King Crimson Work. See Below.

King Crimson is is able to change time and space and in between. His ability is to erase time of up to 10 seconds. He has the power to erase people memory in that timespan. In this time frame other people don’t  remember anything and will have nomemories of what transpired during that timespan.

For reference, here’s some of what King Crimson’s stat page says in its description of its ability: “Simply put, this Stand can skip through Time. More precisely, it erases a dozen-odd seconds of Time, during which only it can act. During this period, it also sees the action of others as a forecast-esque image.

It is more like time is being paused even for diavolo but he is able to see events that happen later and move to another spot to prepare for the outcome, however if king crimson were to fight against anyone with time controlling ability’s king crimson would absolutely lose (EX: The world/s

King Crimson is a close range stand, with even less range and durability than The World and Star Platinum, but equal speed and far greater physical power. It’s physical power is useful as singular strikes instead of barrages, and it’s easily able to slice off limbs with chops and can throw sharp objects fast and strong enough to sever limbs and feet.

This stand’s main ability is alter the reality of time itself. Though Diavolo and most JoJo fans call this process “Deleting time”, it’s not really the case. When Diavolo activates King Crimson’s power, it wipes 10 seconds of a person’s memory, removing the process they went through to get to the conclusion. They also forget that they did the action, meaning they arrive at the final step without recalling them doing the action. In other words, King Crimson can remove an action’s process and skip to the result

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