What Does The Heart Of The Sea Do In Minecraft? Find Out Here.

The heart of the sea, paired with eight Nautilus shell are used to craft a conduit. This is a powerful item that gives players consistent underwater buffs like breathing underwater, underwater night vision, increased mining speed and hurting mobs.

This drastically enables the player’s ability to explore Minecraft’s oceans. Originally the heart of the sea was known as the Nautilus core and then it was renamed to the heart of the sea.

The heart of the sea was introduced to Minecraft in May 2018, patch 1.13. It originally did not have a purpose apart from sitting still and looking pretty, that is, until the next Update Aquatic in July 2018 when it was given a purpose alongside the Nautilus shells.

The heart of the sea can be found in treasure chests which are randomly found. Using an exploration map, players can find these hidden treasure chests. The hidden chests will be placed by the game in any new world as long as the world creation option: General Structures is clicked by the player, as enabled. The chests can be found in various places such as beaches or the ocean floor.

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