What Happened To Kissanime. Find Out Here.

It has been sad moments for the fan base of KissAnime and KissManga since the two big gaming sites were closed down. They were shut down for good. The sites used to offer free anime movies and manga for free to their fans.

There is a wide group of people across the globe who love the manga and anime and manga genre kind of movies and shows. The Japanese manga has in recent years seen its rise in the western world and that has called for them to be adapted into English to reach that niche.

After the shutdown the anime fans have been looking for alternatives and thankfully there is no shortage of them. Silmiar streaming sites have popped up everywhere though some are not free.

The queation of the legality of these streaming sites has been debated far amd wide regarding copyright issues.

It is alleged the reason why KissAnime and KissManga shut down was due to copyright issues. But why now, after a decade in operation?

Platforms like Netflix and others have realised the potential growth in the anime niche and are trying to build up for this.

It has been left to see how the anime lovers will behave with the costly subscription option.

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