What Does F Mean? Find Out Here.

F which comes from the internet slang, Press F to pay respects. It means to pay respects to something or someone in a game after they have failed at something. It is simplified by just typing F. It is also used as a meme on social media, especially used by gamers since its origin story starts from a game.

The game in particular is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare released in 2014. During a memorial cut scene, the player is asked to press F in order to pay respects and this started a meme about the sad moment turning into one full of satire by asking a player to press F.

Thus, the meme culture around the letter ‘f’ began, especially around gamers in a variety of games like League of Legends or Dota 2.

Furthermore, the term can be used in the phrase “Can we get an F in chat” where the f means to fail. Moreover, it also goes back to the previous point whereby respect is paid to the failure committed.

This is also used as a meme format in a lot of game chats, twitch chats, gaming subreddits and in gaming communities.

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