What Does English Sound Like To Foreigners? Find Out Here.

For foreigners that are hearing native English speakers communicate or foreigners learning the English language, English tends to come across as intriguing. Some foreigners have labelled the language as sounding as though the speaker has gum in their mouth, or the speaker is talking with a mouth full.

Others have emphasized on the insistent drawling that is accompanied by the English language and its speakers. Moreover, others have said that English sounds as though the speaker is rolling their tongue. Better yet some foreigners have likened it to pirates rolling their tongues.

The reason why English is heard differently by different foreigners is due to its origins. Asian people will find English difficult due to different sentence structure and weirdly used consonants, the Dutch find it easy to correlate with the English language and the Spanish are not so open about the lack of lyricism in English.

The English language is a relative to Frisian, German and Dutch. It descends from the Indo-European family of languages, which includes current European languages like Italian, German and French. Some might say it takes the beauty of French and the roughness of German to produce English.

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